Jamaican Writing

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-1Summer has begun, so  companies want to make sure their customers have the necessary tools to enjoy the season to the fullest. And if that mean a company stepping outside of it’s traditional business activity. So be it.  Its what we’ve come to expect. Last night at Howard 38, a new party space in downtown Manhattan, Red Stripe jumped into the fray. Continue reading ‘Jamaican Writing’


Reduce Reuse Recycle – this new world order can’t come soon enough

•April 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

growth chartConsistent growth is the only thing that can sustain our world economy, but sustaining our world and us outweighs the need for short-term rapid economic development. So the only answer is to learn to live without constant growth, to find a sustainable level and maintain it.

This need for growth is directly affecting our waistlines. Even food, which was about nurturing and nourishing one’s body and soul, has been degraded, commercialized, and bastardized to the point that most food has become unrecognizable.

Additives, to make foods addictive or give you a sense of hunger even when full, have been developed to keep this year’s numbers higher than last year’s. The more people pile in their faces the better off processed ‘food’ companies are, the more resources get used, and the carbon emissions chasm deepens. If we give them the power to destroy our health and longevity, how pacified we must be.

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Going for the ONE

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This is exactly what I mean when I talk about 1974 + the Hippie Tinge being real big for Fall ’08. When the last dark vestiges  of the 1960s meet druid pagan frocks they land squarely in the mid 70s.  The Best thing about simulated nostalgia is you get all the heavy feelings without doing all the hard work.

Moment of Zen: Kinetic Art

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Constructivism rocks… the Russian sculptors that wrote the book on Constructivism also defined Kinetic art.  Sure this week Russia is pissing the US off, but look at the beauty they’ve historically inspired.  Now if we could only get all of the policy makers to stop scheming and start enjoying art pieces like this wind-driven sculpture is by Jeffery Laudenslager, maybe they’d reflect more on their decisions to destroy thousands of lives. And change their minds.

Data Visualization Art – Mapping Britain’s Information Economy from Above

•August 12, 2008 • 1 Comment

Britain from Above
Art is everywhere – we, as a species, weave our collective artistic sense into everything we do. The paths that fiber optic cables weave as they transmit information, flight paths, shipping routes, and land based telecommunications all create intricate patterns. These patterns were not derived from concerns of aesthetic impact, but created out of concern for the systems functionality. However, though this functionality arises a planned chaos that is both breathtaking and awe inspiring when visualized.

This type of art is concerned with presenting the everyday, overlooked, functions of the world in striking visualizations of pure data. My first encounter with this type of art making was when I researched Radiohead’s latest video. I found a group of UCLA researchers, that had inspired the video’s director, were using laser to record the movement of aerial vehicles and compiling the data into still images.

This time around the BBC presents data visualization, in Britain From Above, through time lapse video using among other things GPS signatures or trails. The images are not of humans, but their systems, and it’s truly amazing to see so many people interacting on such a large scale. These vids makes all our randomness – seem magical.

Link to videos

Tropic Thunder Pushing the Limits?

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Tropic Thunder looks like it could be really funny. Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. are all funny dudes, and great actors. But one thing about the film I can’t understand is the modern day black face Downey dons for his part. Come on were Will Smith or Mekhi Phifer unavailable, or is it for comedic and or publicity’s sake? I’ll continue to do more research into why the choice. I do wonder if the film will get any backlash or negative publicity for such a risky move? Even in an age where a biracial man may soon be President of the United States of America… best to believe race is still a divisive, and mighty touchy subject for many.

NYC Waterfalls,really?

•August 5, 2008 • 6 Comments

I’m all for public art. All the discussion, culture, and revenue it brings to the city are good. It’s exactly what a world class city like New York, New York needs to have, and NYC does it well. Now with the NYC Waterfalls and previously a few years back with The Gates New York has shone and proved that it’s got the vision, connections, ability, follow through and most of all money to turn an abstract concept that pertains to public space and its use into a concrete and enjoyable diversion.

My only question is could the money allocated for these public projects be used in a more thoughtful, more useful for more people kind of a way? Continue reading ‘NYC Waterfalls,really?’