Reduce Reuse Recycle – this new world order can’t come soon enough

growth chartConsistent growth is the only thing that can sustain our world economy, but sustaining our world and us outweighs the need for short-term rapid economic development. So the only answer is to learn to live without constant growth, to find a sustainable level and maintain it.

This need for growth is directly affecting our waistlines. Even food, which was about nurturing and nourishing one’s body and soul, has been degraded, commercialized, and bastardized to the point that most food has become unrecognizable.

Additives, to make foods addictive or give you a sense of hunger even when full, have been developed to keep this year’s numbers higher than last year’s. The more people pile in their faces the better off processed ‘food’ companies are, the more resources get used, and the carbon emissions chasm deepens. If we give them the power to destroy our health and longevity, how pacified we must be.

We may as well change our country’s creed to ‘taking the easy way out’, if we continue to live without regard for the life giving and life-sustaining planet from winch we came. Self-entitlement, to the cornucopia of consumer goods and drive thru disposable lifestyle, may well be our societal downfall.

Globalization was that promise of never-ending growth, but its pitfalls are all too apparent these days. The main hiccup with constant growth is nothing can grow infinitely.

Can a re-localization of our economies and society be our salvation?

Neighbor helping neighbor was the relationship of reciprocity that our human society was built on. Sacrificing for the common good. These days individuality or a ‘society of self’ has arisen mainly due to urban sprawl, autos, and marketing.

This is greatly evident with conservative America’s reaction to the 3% tax hike that was passed by the Obama administration. Opponents are so afraid that they would have to give something to someone who had less; they called for revolution against the government. That’s some selfishness.

Of course, there are those that drain the social services, but if we looked out for one another more – than the strain on the system, and cost of providing social services would diminish, because people wouldn’t get to be so far gone. The 50’s are idealized not because times were simpler, but because there was still a sense of civic duty, and of responsibility for one another.

Communal living is a huge step from our self-saturated society, but undoubtedly a necessary one. Because the further we can spread what is left of our limited planetary resources the better for all of us. Think about it evangelical set – W.W.J.D., treat his fellow man, as he would want to be treated, and never let us forget, that we will be judged on how we treat the least among us. Probably.


~ by Andrew Harris on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “Reduce Reuse Recycle – this new world order can’t come soon enough”

  1. There may be another way to achieve economic prosperity without economic growth. Have you heard of the steady state economy?

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