=\'s outCulturally speaking men and women are excepted to do certain things, handle situations differently, and generally experience the world in ways particular to whichever set of genitals they’re born having. In this new-modern world that notion may seem a bit antiquated,but at least in part these old fashion ‘rules’ are based in biology. Men are physically stronger , so they hunt, protect and do the heavy lifting. Women can bear children so they nurture, and provide a foundation for family and home. Where it can get a bit tricky(even for the most progressive) is when the reality does not meet the expectations. Lesson: painting with such a broad brush, leaves no room for the details and the variety, and it’s the various details that make it all so good, and so does this the Pulp track about a most vulnerable man and dirty woman.


~ by MikelJason on July 1, 2008.

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