Hovey Vintage has leapt from the Blogosphere to Hipsterville

Mommy You Should Get ThatI guess that’s not really that far of a leap; nevertheless, on this lovely first full day of summer, the industrious Hovey sisters are proudly peddling their wares on the corner of n.4th and Bedford Ave., right in the midst of the Make Music New York music festival and full summer frivolity.  Music bounces off Brooklyn blocks as gangs of young skateboarders make constant loops around the few block that represent the epicenter of cool. The tragically hip twenty-somethings meander by trying their hardest to, not look like they’re looking.

fivefourIn speaking with the Hoveys, they told me business was steady, and during my stay many baby adorned couples stop for an intense browsing session.  One couple said that they wish they “had a baby or the clothes were bigger- because they’re so cute”, and they are quite adorable.

It has taken the two sisters months to accumulate enough vintage baby clothes and toys to mount this expedition. All items for sale have been carefully deliberated over and chosen to represent their unique sensibilities.   Hovey Vintage will grace us with their wares till around 8 or so tonight, to ‘catch the dinner crowd’.  Swing on by and show your support.

Hovey Vintage Blog
…band pictured Five Four


~ by Andrew Harris on June 21, 2008.

One Response to “Hovey Vintage has leapt from the Blogosphere to Hipsterville”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! What a fantastic day!!

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