Couples Counseling or….

In the throes of Summer day time T.V watching I came across this during a commercial break bewteen afternoon court proceedings. KY jelly’s Yours + Mine Liquid Personal Lubricant.

All the pretty swirling colors, lusty, playful, naughty talk got my mind to wondering. OK here is sexual aid/helper/lubricant that will increase both partners’ benefits and pleasures. I mean all the KY jelly jokes aside I was sincerely curious as to what the heck this was all about. I went to a couple of New York’s favorite pharmacies, Duane Reade and found not the KY product I was looking for, but more than a few tight lipped and or giggling pharmacy workers who had no answers for me.

So I came back home, undaunted and still curious, to start the interweb search at the KY website to see if I could glean any possible information. Of Course the KY site was really just propaganda for buying their new product. Business and the competitive edge being what it is today I knew I’d have to dive a bit deeper to get to the ingredient list. So I googled ‘KY jelly Yours + Mine’ to see just what I could find. A couple of sites talked about KY jelly being crucial to the research and advancement of physics experiments(who knew?), and there were some sites that spoke of KY being the most doctor recommended personal lubricant and safe enough for daily use.

By this point I was too curious and annoyed to stop. So after a few T.V- less afternoon hours I finally came upon the ingredients of this magical sex jelly. Glycerin, Sugars and warming agents, is the most specific I could find. With the national divorce rate at about 50% or so, maybe that’s all the institution of marriage needs to get back on track. These glycerin, sugars and warming agents to give her a “thrilling” feeling and him an “invigorating” one. Whether the American marriage will benefit from couples’ lubricant or not I would only imagine the research being pretty fun.


~ by MikelJason on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “Couples Counseling or….”

  1. I just want to know, What is the yours and mine jellies?
    This has been a very frustrating search of a product that is advertised with no. I repeat, no details ! !

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