Perception Vs. Reality: TV show sets

latest in European waste tank designEveryone knows that movie and television shows are, sometimes, made by directors that are so artfully deceptive they deserve the title of photographic magicians. This makes sense, theater-type productions always seek to transcend, or at least subvert reality, but what I find more interesting is the actual spots where these glamorous productions are produced.

You see, I ride my bike to work, and I live on the industrial side of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My workplace is in East Williamsburg, and the whole strip, between home and work, is industrial. It seems as if, several sound stages have popped up over in the IBZ, or Industrial Business Zone.

Amusingly enough, the actors trailers are usually setup on Provost St., which also runs next to NYC’s Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) water and sewage treatment plant. The plant only recently got an upgrade which further filters the methane release from our shit, but the place is still smelly, real stinky-like. What’s great is these actors or “stars” get a nose full of poo every time they trot off to set. I love that.


~ by Andrew Harris on May 30, 2008.

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