When is Black Not Black Enough?

Barack Obama in highschoolWhen black isn’t black enough has been a flashpoint as of late, mainly due to Obama’s candidacy. Even still, “Oreo” has always be a putdown used by other Blacks that are either just hatin’ or clownin’ on learned brothers and sisters. As for white folks, they’re, sadly, most often just genuinely surprised to meet an articulate black person that presents well.

Disapproving JesseThe idea that you can even measure someone’s blackness must mean that an invisible meter of blackness that exists in people’s minds, a reference, measuring the relative blackness of someone.

Will Smith could you please set the record straight; tells us, who is the archetypal black person? Is it you? Seemingly, a person’s blackness is directly related to their ‘ghettoness’ and their coveting of the thuggish ruggish lifestyle.

One factor seems almost universal among blacks that aren’t black enough; they were raised in predominately white areas, had mainly white friends, and probably did “White” things like watch 120 mins. None of this changed their skin color or their parent’s backgrounds. They merely identified with what made them most comfortable.

So, blacks that aren’t black enough keep them guessing, screw the caricatures, and be true to you.

ObamaAs for not being white enough, it‘s a total double standard, in pinkies favor. If a white person is not white enough this isn’t considered a negative thing. Some whites may actually strive to be considered not white. It’s as a badge of honor from the oppressed race that they are ok and not part of the conspiracy by the “man” to keep them down. Which considering the terror whites have historically unleashed on the world, its completely understandable white folk would want to disassociate themselves from their own race.


~ by Andrew Harris on May 3, 2008.

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